Juneau healthiest community in state

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The annual health rankings were released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps take into account several factors including quality of life and premature deaths.

    Spokesperson Jerry Spegman said he was not surprised that the Capital City scored well as most state capitals do well in the rankings, "In general a state capital draws a higher level of education and a higher level of compensation of its work force.  Those conditions can drive health conditions.  It is not particularly unusual for a capital city to have that dynamic."

    Juneau appears to be the healthiest place in Alaska according to current data and other factors.  The study looks at the length of life and the quality of life.  Premature deaths are prior to age 75.  Quality life looks at self reported health days of individuals.  "People complain about their health more than the conditions that show in the statistics.  Health data shows the community health is pretty strong."

    One problem in Juneau was the rate of binge drinking, higher than most counties in the country and is above the Alaska average.  "If I'm looking for something to be concerned about excessive drinking will be one," he added.

    Find the full study on the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps website, http://www.countyhealthrankings.org


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