Juneau had below normal temperatures and higher than normal precipitation in February

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The weather statistics for February in Juneau are in from the National Weather Service.

    Forecaster Kimberly Vaughn says the average maximum temperature was 31.4 which is 3.8 degrees below normal.  The average minimum temperature was 20.2 degrees which was 4.8 degrees below normal.  The average temperature was 25.8 which is 4.3 degrees below normal.

    It went down to five below zero on February 10 at the official airport recording station.  That was the first time it dipped below zero since January 7, 2009, when it hit minus nine degrees.

    There was a total of 5.24 inches of precipitation, which was 1.11 inches above normal.  

    Snowfall amounted to 21.1 inches in February.  That amounted exceeded the norm by 4.03.

    The highest wind gust at the airport was clocked at 54 miles hour on February 19.



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