Juneau dealing with delay in COVID-19 test delays

    There have been delays in getting back results from COVID-19 testing in Juneau.

    Deputy CBJ Manager Mila (Me-lah) Cosgrove was asked for an explanation on Action Line.  "The state lab had some supply issues which caused a few challenges and at the same time the commercial lab where Bartlett sent their tests, they had some staffing or supply issues and they coincided, unfortunately, causing some delay.  Then we had a small group of people come through where there were some issues with the test supplies themselves.  That's since been corrected though so those people have been notified that they need to retest."

    So instead of getting test results back in two or three days, Cosgrove said they were experiencing a five-day window which she believes is much longer than she thinks people really want to go through, particularly if its a short visit.

    Cosgrove said the state is addressing the issue and working toward faster turnaround times.  In addition, she said the city and borough continues to explore options to process tests on a large scale locally instead of sending them to a state lab or out of state.  

    In that case, Cosgrove said results could be known the same day.  With local capability, she said test samples from other Southeast communities could also be tested here.  The City and Borough of Juneau sent Governor Dunleavy a letter in May requesting that the state partner with CBJ toward that goal.


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