Juneau Chamber praises local federal employees and community response to shut down

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Chamber of Commerce officials weighed in on the impact of the federal shutdown on its town while guests on Action Line Monday.

    President Mike Satre said, "I thought it was illuminating that this station's news had reported that there were approximately 675 federal employees here in Juneau and that's not even counting our Coast Guard personnel, so there are significantly more than that."    

    At a minimum, Satre said, Juneau was looking at least two and a half million in payroll missed every time the federal government did not pay its checks.  "So that's money that's not in our economy, its not being spent at our stores, at our members,  its not being put in the banks' savings accounts and it puts a lot of strife on to those federal employees that were looking for a valued and steady position for their career."

    Satre was joined by Executive Director Craig Dahl who said,  "It hurts you very quickly when all of a sudden you have missed two pay checks."

    Both chamber officials  had high praise for federal workers and the way the community helped out.  Satre described the community's reaction as "real heartening" in the way it stepped up.     Dahl complimented the federal employees who kept doing their jobs while not being paid.

    Dahl said the local chamber weighed in on  what he described as a scathing a letter sent to Congress by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce calling
    for a resolution to the situation.


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