Juneau Assembly to see 16 ordinances for introduction and public hearing

    It's going to be a busy regular meeting of the CBJ Assembly Monday night, with a total of eight ordinances up for introduction and another eight set for public hearing.

    Posted Monday, May 2nd, 2016 4:44pm by Lance David and Colt Dylan
    It's going to be a busy regular meeting of the CBJ Assembly Monday night, with a total of eight ordinances up for introduction and another eight set for public hearing.

    One ordinance up for public hearing would establish a process for mayoral succession. It provides that in the event of a vacancy in the office of mayor, the deputy mayor would succeed to the mayoral office. It also specifies that a vacancy in the office of mayor occurring with more than eight months before the next regular election would result in a special election being called.

    Another ordinance up for public hearing would amend the Land Use Code to provide for the regulation of marijuana use and establishments.

    News of the North spoke with Deputy Mayor Jesse Kiehl.

    "There are a number of changes proposed in there, one of which would be for that controversy about small growers in the D1 District outside the urban service boundary," Kiehl explained. "The ordinances that came out of the Committee would say that has to be accessory to a residential use, so an owner or manager has to live on the lot. This would be the only kind of business that you'd have to get a local license for. The Committee thought that was really important because this is something that the federal government requires us to regulate really tightly. I think personally that it's important to have that so we don't have to go to the state and say "Oh dear, there's one bad actor,w ould you mind please enforcing our local laws?" Other folks feel differently about that so it's really going to be important when this comes up to public hearing to the full assembly that people take a look and let us know what they think."
    Other ordinances for public hearing include transferring $50,000 from the Open Space Waterfront Land Acquisition Capital Improvement Project to the Law Department to defend the city against a lawsuit filed by Cruise Lines International Association and creating a new Capital Improvement Project to fund the expansion and deferred maintenance at the Stabler Point Rock Quarry.

    Ordinances to be introduced include amending the Traffic Code to make the code sections relating to driving without a valid license identical to State law, rezoning several lots of Block C Vintage II Subdivision from Light Commercial to Mixed Use, adding a definition for gross income to the uniform sales tax code, and repealing the 1999 Land Management Plan and adopting the updated 2016 Land Management Plan.

    Also up for introduction are several ordinances which appropriate funds for the Runway Safety Area Construction Capital Improvement Project, Eaglecrest’s 2016 Operating Budget, and Seatbelt Enforcement. One ordinance would transfer $357,400 from the Fire Service Area, the Roaded Service Area, and the Port Development Fee Fund's Fund Balance to the General Debt Service Fund’s Fund Balance.

    Under resolutions, reducing the number of members on the Fisheries Development Committee from seven to five has been recommended due to the committee's difficult time in obtaining a quorum for meetings during the past year.

    Near the end of the agenda, there are a couple of entries under New Business relating to Docks and Harbors.

    CBJ Port Director Carl Uchytil provided details.

     "The Docks and Harbors Board approved a $296,000 contract for engineering services for surveying geotechnical and environmental sight investigations for the Statter Harbor Phase III Project, which is the for-hire float at Statter Harbor," Uchytil reported. "The board also approved a $303,000 contract award for contract administration and inspection services necessary for the Douglas Harbor renovations project."

    The Docks and Harbors Board met last Thursday. Uchytil provided details on what else came of that meeting.

    "The board approved a plan for the Juneau Docks and Harbors Board to pursue Alaska Clean Harbor certification, and thus the process will go to the assembly to adopt a resolution committing CBJ to pursue the certification. The board also directed the port director to proceed with drafting a letter of interest in a process to aqquire the former Auke Bay Marine Station under the Maritime Administration Port Conveyance Program."

    The meeting is scheduled to adjourn at 7:00 p.m. in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.

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