JUMP Society Open House Connects Juneau Film Community

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The JUMP Society, a group that celebrates and uplifts Juneau filmmaking, held an open house where they showed off their new space and some of the greatest hits of their film festivals at the Gold Town Nickelodeon Theater.

    Aaron Suring, who is on the JUMP Society board talked to us about how the group really wanted to foster creativity rather than just showcasing it like they have been doing.

    "The space allows for people to come in and create. We've always wanted people to create. We've given them venues to show off movies they've made, but we haven't spent as much time recently helping to make those movies and that's what we want to do with this space."

    Suring says that the space can really help foster collaboration.

    "We're always looking for ways to try and help people collaborate with each other because that's one of the beautiful things about the film is that it is a collaborative process and it takes a lot of hands to get things done. Finding ways for people to find others that are working on projects is always great."

    Some of the things they're offering include some basic film staples.

    "We're hoping to provide the tools for people to create here. We'll have a green screen setup and a computer that people can edit on, or capture audio for voice overs or a podcast or whatever else they need to do with the audio setup. We hope to be able to put in some lights that are more permanent so that it can be a quick process for people rather than spending a lot of time to set up."

    More information can be found on the Jump Society Website.


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