JPD suggest safety tips for pedestrians

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The tips follow an accident where a pedestrian was seriously injured when she was struck by a car.

    The Juneau Police Department  reminded everyone to practice safe driving. The urge all motorists obey all traffic control devices and follow the speed limit. If roadway conditions are poor, reduce vehicle speeds. When the roadway is slippery, it will take longer for a vehicle to stop.

    Motorists, be on the look out for pedestrians crossing the roadway and keep distractions to a minimum. During the morning and evening hours, there are often more vehicles on the roadway and children going to and from schools. Scan the roadway for pedestrians crossing the roadway, especially before turning.

    Pedestrians, be on the look out for vehicles that might not see you. Consider wearing reflective clothing items so you can more easily be scene. Cross the roadway in lit areas, and always make sure vehicles have stopped from all directions before proceeding into the roadway.

    Whether you are walking, driving or biking - please take it slow and watch out for others, JPD said.

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