JPD continues investigation of Monday's traffic accident, driver is reported stable

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Monday afternoon's traffic accident outbound on Egan Drive near the Fred Meyer intersection was a major topic of discussion with Deputy Police

    Chief David Campbell explained on Acton Line Wednesday that the vehicle was outbound on Egan and had passed through the Fred Meyer Intersection and rather than negotiating the sweeping right-hand curve there, it kept going straight.

    Campbell says there's an indication that the driver attempted to make a correction, but the tires were already caught in the ditch.  At that point, he says the vehicle flipped and the driver was ejected.  The vehicle went into the inbound lanes but fortunately encountered no traffic there.

    One of the first people on scene was a nurse from Sitka who was able to stop and provide initial medical aide to the woman.   We're told by a woman's friend that she remains in critical condition but is considered stable.  Police have not released her name.

    The department recently received a 3-D Scanner that was used for the very first time by its Juneau Major Accident Reconstruction Team in its investigation of this accident.  Campbell says the scanner users lasers and creates a 3-D map. He says the JMART team was training the day of the accident.

    Chief Campbell says they will also seek a search warrant to gain accident to the vehicle's "black box."  The data taken from the box will determine the speed of the vehicle and if the braking system was employed and if a seat belt was worn.   

    The roadway was blocked for three hours due to the investigation.  Campbell says he heard people complaining that something should be done with the Fred Meyer Intersection.  He says the intersection was not the cause of this accident.  The State Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is weighing several options for how to handle traffic there.


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