JDHS holds safety drill

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Alice Training drill is preparing schools across the nation for emergency situations.

    The goal is to help make students and staff safer on school campuses.

    The ALICE Training is gaining in Popularity around the nation due to the uptick in school violence

    Juneau schools spokesperson Kristin Bartlett said the high school did well in the drill.  She adds they always take precautions to try and keep schools safe, "It is protocols that can be used in the event of an intruder or a dangerous situation."

    Alice stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate

    It gives staff and students and anyone in a school building some options on the best ways to respond during an emerency at school.

    It also gives students some real time practice in evacuating the school or locking down a classroom.  They learn how to barricade doors, and ways to make a classroom more secure.  "Reports from the school is everything went well.  Every one knew what to expect and knew how to respond."

    Bartlett said she thinks schools are prepared and safe.  She said every drill helps the schools get better. They also see how they can communicate with emergency providers during the chaos of an emergency. 

    "It really helps us identify areas in a school that need better intercoms and ways to use our personal devices to communicate," she added.

    She said safety is the top priority at the school system.  The plan also emphasizes keeping lines of communication open with students.

    The drills are conducted a couple of times each year.  They have installed additional fences and security cameras.  They have also locked more doors throughout the day.

    Teachers had expressed concerns about certain classroom doors that can't be locked from the inside.  The district did receive some state funds to install new locks on some of these classrooms.

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