IGA evacuated due to gas scare

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - US Coast Guard officials who happened to be in the store detected high levels of carbon monoxide that turned out to be hydrogen sulfide.

    Capital City Fire Rescue said no one was treated at the store and no one complained of any physical problems.

    The store was evacuated for about an hour and was ventilated.  The store was reopened to customers at 10:40 am.

    Assistant Fire Chief Chad Cameron said the problem was traced back to some overcharged batteries in the store's electric system.

    He thanked the store and the customers for their cooperation.

    "We had no complaints and people understood why we were moving everyone out," he added

    A hazardous materials team responded to the scene.

    "The gas was not visible and not detectable by any of our senses.  It was just enough to set off the carbon monoxide detectors they carried."

    They took the store batteries offline and they will be inspected by a qualified technician.

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