Hydaburg teachers hold a special event for hunkered-down students

    Teachers and staff from Hydaburg schools take to their parade route on Friday.

    Hydaburg, Alaska (KINY) - Teachers and staff in the City of Hydaburg got together on Friday to do something special for their students.

    As the days of hunkering down unfolded in Hydaburg, some teachers and administrators began to realize that they were becoming disconnected from their students

    "We didn’t feel good about it," said teacher Prophetess Hayden. "So, we decided to do something about it."

    The teachers, Hayden said, decided to let students know how much they love and miss them by having a parade.

    "We wanted it to be fun and memorable," Hayden said.

    According to Hayden, Assistant Superintendent Camille Booth, who lives in Ketchikan, ordered decorations, and teachers and staff got together using social distancing to decorate vehicles in one location, while others decorated their vehicles from their homes.

    With music blaring and the firetruck leading the parade procession, the educators began the parade route honking horns, yelling, “We love you” and, “We miss you."

    "We were so glad we did it," Hayden said, "It uplifted us and we felt like it uplifted the community, so much so we’re going to do it again in May."


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