House passes education bill without funds

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The house voted 33-3 to approve a bill that provides early budget assurances to schools.

    The bill did not include an agreement on how to provide funding.

    Author, Finance Committee co-chair Paul Seaton, said they should use funds from savings like the constitutional budget reserve.  To do that, the house must have three-quarters of the chamber vote in favor, which was not reached in the vote.

    The bill still goes onto the senate which could approve the fund draw and send it back to the house for another vote.

    A bill to take money from the general fund was approved by the house.

    Representative Tammie Wilson said she was concerned democrats didn't seem to know where the money was coming from, "It seemed like  a lot of the other side didn't know where the money was coming from.  That is a concern because the budget is what were here for.  The amendment to put the revenue we know is coming in versus a fund that might not be here next year, was why I voted against the bill.  Taking from the CBR was not the right way to go."

    Representative Jennifer Johnston said she didn't want money coming from the constitutional budget reserve, "There are funds in the general fund to fund schools.  I'm very happy that we passed that.  It should send a message to school districts that we do care about taking care of our children."


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