House passes $2 trillion stimulus package

    Washington, DC (KINY) - Multiple news agencies report the House has passed the largest emergency aid package in US history.

    One member nearly upset the apple cart as he tried to force members to vote in person.  Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky (R) forced many members to travel during the public health emergency.  The house got past the object with another procedural move.

    The package is designed to help American workers, small businesses and industries impacted by COVID-19.

    Checks for $1,200 will be sent directly to individuals.  Couples would receive $2,400.  Parents with dependents under 17 years of age would receive checks of $500.

    The money will also assist hospitals and health care providers.  It also provides $500 billion in low-interest loans for small businesses.  It also provides a large increase in unemployment benefits for workers.  A record number, 3.3 million, filed for unemployment benefits this week alone.

    It was not immediately known when the individual payments will be received.





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