House majority supports budget

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The house majority coalition spoke about approval of the state budget at their weekly press briefing.

    Finance committee co Chairman Paul Seaton said he was pleased with the final product, "Time was taken to find compromised solutions.  i think the budget is very good for Alaska. It had a number of items in it that were very helpful for public safety, education and the university can operate well for the people."

    Co-chair of the finance committee Neal Foster of Nome said he felt the message that government spending has increased is wrong, "It kept coming up.  Since we started making cuts in 2015, the budget has been cut by 30-pecent.  I've always said we've cut a lot of the fat away and were starting to cut into bone.  It is just not sustainable."

    Rep. Louise Stutes focused remarks on a bill that affects the Salmon industry and the stand for salmon initiative, "It's a good bill.  I know how critically important salmon is to the communities I represent, small villages, and coastal villages, and to our state.  Its a good, solid pro fishery bill.  it is not anti-development."

    She said she has worked hard with all the industries and stakeholders involved to come up with a good document.

    House speaker Bryce Edgmon says it is unlikely the session will get done on time, "The clear reality is were probably going to go over.  I can say the house, the governor and all the leadership teams have been laser liked focused on getting our work done as soon as possible."

    The house version lowered the PFD to $1,600.

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