Holst talks about need for child care solution on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau School Board President Brian Holst is seeking his third term on the panel in this year's local election.

    He was on Action Line about what chore has been tougher,  crafting a budget or dealing with the pandemic.  "I think ongoing budget crunches are just  not good for our kids."

    Holst explains that the state has not been in a position to increase its funding for schools.  "I would say budget is the biggest problem."

    In regards to the pandemic, Holst believes the school district has done a great job in responding.  "The spring like every other place else in America was chaotic, but the fall really feels differently.  We're hearing that from students and from teachers and from parents that even though we're not business as usual education is happening at a level and in a way where kids are learning."

    Holst is one of two candidates seeking one of the two seats up for grabs.  Martin Stepetin, Senior, is the other candidate.



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