High winds cause multiple power outages in the Juneau area Friday night

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau experienced multiple power outages last night as a result of high winds

    News of the North reached out to Deb Driscoll Vice President, Director of Consumer Affairs and Safety at AEL&P for details,

    "About 9:20 pm We had our transmission lines rip off close to Snettisham and what we believe happened was what we call phase to phase contact where two conductors, came into contact with one another, due to the high winds, and that tripped the system off," said Driscoll. "We were able to get the majority of our customers restored within an hour. But there were pockets of additional outages that were also due to the high winds and the storms, there were lots of trees that came down throughout town and caused line damage and poll damage, and transformer damage.

    As of Saturday afternoon, most of the issues had been addressed however Driscoll did say there were some issues that would take more time to fix.

    "There are still about a dozen locations still out of service, a dozen individual small pockets of outages still out right now, the most significant right now is in the Mendenhall Peninsula area that damage is quite extensive, and we are anticipating that it may be, it'll be more than a day to repair we've pulled in some additional resources and crews to help with that restoration," said Driscoll. "There's just so much damage to lines and poles from so many trees coming down, that that is just going to take quite a bit longer, but the crews have been working since 9 pm last night, non-stop, to try to get folks restored as quickly as possible. We did just have to cut power to the Fritz Cove area temporarily to make a repair safely and power should be back on to the Fritz Cove folks within the hour."

    Driscoll also urged people to call AEL&P if they see anything problematic

    "If folks see that there are problematic trees on lines, they should call our after-hours member we're asking everyone to do that instead of messaging us through Facebook. It allows us to better track, the outages so that nothing gets missed. So we ask that people call our outage reporting phone number which is 586-AELP, which is also 586-2357 that ensures that nothing gets missed." said Driscoll.

    She also talked about how people can stay safe around damaged power lines

    "They need to stay far away from the power line they need to call the outage-reporting line ASAP give as much information as they can and keep the area clear," said Driscoll.


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