Heat Can’t Slow Juneau Marathon, Half Marathon Runners

    Juneau's Charlie Waters runs along North Douglas Highway during the Juneau Marathon on Saturday. (Klas Stolpe / KINY)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Brooklyn and Grand Rapids are in the house - the running house - as New York’s Dan Lemelman and Michigan’s Abby McIntyre won the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively, of the Juneau Marathon in temperatures reaching 80 degrees.

      Lemelman won the 26.2 mile race in two hours 43 minutes and seven seconds.

      “This is my 31st state to race in,” Lemelman said. “I have run over 40 marathons, and this is the first marathon I have won. So I am pretty pleased. I was going out with the local guy (Shawn Miller), and we did a couple miles together and he passed me after three or four. I thought he was just going to take it away from me, but around eight or nine I was able to catch up to him and I never looked back.”

      Lemelman has a PR of 2:35:00 and was using the Juneau event as a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

      “I was pretty pleased with the effort,” he said. “I am still getting back into shape and training for Boston. The weather was perfect. The course was beautiful. It was amazing to run along the water and the mountains. And there wasn’t much elevation. It was about the ideal race.”

      McIntyre finished in 3:24:44, the top female time and seventh overall.

      “I just really love the challenge,” McIntyre said. “You really have to put in a lot of work to do it good, and it feels really rewarding when you are finished. I think that was my best time, right around 3:24:00.”

      McIntyre is trying to run a marathon in all 50 states, and since she was visiting friends in Juneau it was a chance to check off state number 18.

    “This one is the most picturesque,” she said. “I got to see a glacier while I was running a marathon, so that is a first.”

      The top Juneau male was second place finisher Shawn Miller in 2:54:34, followed by third place Juneauite Grant Werthman in 2:57:44.

      The top Juneau female was Alta Anzalone, third for women, in 4:02:48, just behind second place female Karen Andersen of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 3:56:44.

      “This is about my 80th marathon,” Andersen said. “Because they are fun. And it is beautiful here. A great place to visit.”

      Douglas’ Jim Ustasiewski was the top male half marathoner with a time of 1:39:12. He noted the heat.

      “I don’t think I’ve run that slow in a long time,” Ustasiewski said. “But some of that is just COVID training, not being that great. I am vaccinated, by the way.”

      The top female half marathon winner was Grace Magiacapre from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    “Actually I am here for a wedding and one of the guests said she was volunteering here,” Magiacapre said. “My husband turned around and said, ‘Grace you should do it!’ And I was like, ‘Alright.’ So I woke up and did it.”

      Her husband did not run.

      “I love it here,” Magiacapre said. “I’ve been to Anchorage before but never Juneau, and it is like no matter where you go it is so beautiful.”

      The top Juneau female finisher for the half marathon was Martha Santandreu, originally from Buffalo, New York, but working as a physical therapist in the capital city.

      “I’m in the Juneau Women’s Running Group and wanted to run a half marathon,” Santandreu said. “I thought it was good. Definitely rolling hills. A little hotter than usual but still a great race. I really enjoyed the water stations, they were very helpful to look forward to. And all the people were very encouraging.”

      Racers took to the road for a variety of reasons and from across the country.

      Boston, Massachusetts’ Mark Hirsh is training for the Mount Everest Marathon.

      “I’ve run six marathons in Alaska and 518 total,” he said. “I am going for 1,000 marathons. It keeps you clean.”

      Father and daughter Mark and Samantha Arn from Madison, Alabama, decided to do something special before she left for college.

      “This is our first marathon and we thought Alaska was the place to do it,” Mark Arn said.

      Said Samantha: “He is a little bit a head of me, unfortunately. I wish it were the other way around. I just wanted to do one before I went away to college so I thought, why not now?”

      Eamon Patrick O’Reilly is a canine officer for a sheriff’s department in Portland, Oregon.

      “I am faster than my dog,” O’Reilly said. “He can run faster for a minute, but I can run faster after that. I love marathons. I am trying to hit all 50 states. This is only number eight, though. Juneau is beautiful. I picked a good week, and it is gorgeous up here.”

      O’Reilly’s wife, Lisa, is his support team.

      “It is super fun,” she said. “I get to travel and see all these places - and I don’t have to run!”

      Elizabeth Aboody from Vass, North Carolina, was running her second marathon.

      “I just thought it would be a good challenge, and it is beautiful here so I thought I would give it a try,” she said. “So far it is amazing. Everyone is so nice.”

      U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Andrew Sinclair, originally for Wilmington, North Carolina, started running at the start of the COVID pandemic when he was unable to be in the Juneau gyms.

      “I never ran,” he said. “Then I absolutely fell in love with trail running. This is actually my first live race ever. I felt good. I am competitive so I push myself and this was the perfect opportunity.”

      Originally from Ireland, but living in Juneau, Brian Murphy was asked “Why a marathon?” as he approached the half-way turn-a-round.

      “Why the hell not?” he answered. “It makes me feel alive. This is my fifth marathon and I’ve done a few 50 milers, my forte. Ultra-slash-a-little-bit crazy.”

      Juneau’s Craig Millard was running his first marathon.

      “I did the ridge race three weeks ago so getting this off the bucket list,” Millard said. “My bucket list goes to 2072 so it is pretty big still. I like running. I did track in high school. I am not trying to push myself too much for time. I just like to do it. I love the mountains. I lived in Australia for a few years, and now I am losing all the weight I gained there.”

      Cade Remsburg from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was running his 291st marathon.

      “Because my 10Ks seem too short,” he said. “Juneau is beautiful, I love it.”

      Juneau’s Glen Fairchild and Elena Hesson crossed the finish line holding hands.

      “It is so she doesn’t beat me,” he said.

      “I force him to do that,” she said. “Yeah, we wanted to finish together because he is usually faster so he was being supportive this time. I am really happy because he got me through my first half marathon. It was good.”

      Added Fairchild, “It is the furthest we have ever ran together.”

      Jeff Filter from Reedsburg, Wisconsin, was running his 73rd marathon in his 45th state; Karen Derrick from Columbia, Missouri, was running her 115th and said she is addicted to them and being out in nature. Rachel Wiley, from Corte Madera, California, was working on “running 40 before I turn 40. This is number 29 today.”

      Mike Robertson from Carterville, Illinois, was running his sixth marathon with support from his sister Becky Monagle.

      “She’s a great support,” Robertson said. “I love to run. I do ultras too, and Ironman. If the Ironman comes here I will be back to visit Becky for sure.”

      Jerry Rick from Breckenridge, Minnesota, was running his 129th marathon and has been running his whole life to keep in shape.

      “I’ve ran all seven continents, I’ve run all 50 states, I’ve done the world majors and I’m on my second 50-state quest now,” Rick said. “My goal is to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. As soon as the world opens up again that is what I will be doing. My favorite fuel is oatmeal, it stays with you a long time.”

      Jaimie Gosselin from Boston, Massachusetts, was running her 75th marathon.

      “So not so many,” she laughed. “It’s a challenge. Everybody needs to get out and challenge themselves a little bit and there’s a great camaraderie among runners. It is great out here. You can’t beat the view right now - we got water, we got white capped mountains, this is beautiful.”

      She also runs ultra-marathons on various continents.

      “Fueled by beer,” she said.


      1 - Dan Lemelman 2:43:07 Brooklyn, NY, 6:13 per mile; 2 - Shawn Miller 2:54:34 Juneau, AK, 6:39 per mile; 3 - Grant Werthman 2:57:44 Juneau, AK, 6:47 per mile; 4 - Raul del Bosque 3:08:53 Tucson, AZ, 7:12 per mile; 5 - Charlie Waters 3:11:31 Juneau, AK, 7:18 per mile; 6 - Eamon O'Reilly 3:20:13 Beaverton, OR, 7:38 per mile; 7 - Jordan Foley 3:30:29 Monroe, NC, 8:02 per mile; 8 - Cade Remsburg 3:39:55 Philadelphia, PA, 8:23 per mile; 9 - Mike Robertson 3:46:10 Juneau, AK, 8:37 per mile; 10 - William McBride 03:50:01 Iowa City, IA, 8:46 per mile; 11 - Derek Larsen 3:57:05 Juneau, AK, 9:02 per mile; 12 - Remo Coghill 3:58:22 Reno, NV, 9:05 per mile; 13 - Benjamin Hoffman 4:12:13 Reno, NV, 9:37 per mile; 14 - Buddy Saint Starr 4:19:10 Fayetteville, GA, 9:53 per mile; 15 - Eliot Ephraim 4:27:49 Chicago, IL, 10:13 per mile; 16 - Jonny Pasillas 4:38:46 San Francisco, CA, 10:38 per mile; 17 - Brian Murphy 4:39:39 Juneau, AK, 10:40 per mile; 18 - Jerry Rick 4:54:29 Breckenridge, MN, 11:14 per mile; 19 - Craig Millard 5:01:14 Juneau, AK, 11:29 per mile; 20 - Benjamin Steffans 5:21:10 Canaan, NY, 12:15 per mile; 21 - Jeffrey Filter 5:23:35 Reedsburg, WI, 12:21 per mile; 22 - Todd Raney 5:25:23 Kansas City, MO, 12:25 per mile; 23 - Ben Rubenstein 5:27:30 Juneau, AK, 12:30 per mile; 24 - Mark Arn 5:49:45 Madison, AL, 13:20 per mile; 25 - Ernst Steffen 6:28:45 Kansas City, MO, 14:50 per mile; 26 - Pat Spettel 6:32:51 Norwalk, OH, 14:59 per mile; 27 - Mark Hirsh 6:47:09 Mendon Vermont, VT, 15:32 per mile; 28 - Julian Rodriguez 6:48:12 Juneau, AK, 15:34 per mile.


      1 - Abby McIntyre 3:24:00 Grand Rapids, MI, 7:47 per mile; 2 - Karen Andersen 3:56:44 Philadelphia, PA, 9:02 per mile; 3 - Alta Anzalone 4:02:48 Juneau, AK, 9:16 per mile; 4 - Elizabeth Aboody 4:24:42 Vass, NC, 10:06 per mile; 5 - Chloe Keidaish 4:26:06 Miami, FL, 10:09  per mile; 6 - Jaimie Gosselin 4:32:26 Millbury, MA, 10:23 per mile; 7 - Christine Ainsworth 5:02:09 Cambridge, MA, 11:31 per mile; 8 - Rachel Wiley 5:15:18 Corte Madera, CA, 12:02  per mile; 9 - Natalie Wade 5:16:12 Juneau, AK, 12:04  per mile; 10 - Katrina Hamilton Gewirz 5:20:08 Washington, DC, 12:13 per mile; 11 - Robin Dunlap 5:31:35 Terrell, TX, 12:39 per mile; 12 - Karen Derrick 5:43:06 Columbia, MO, 13:05 per mile; 13 - Samantha Arn 6:44:58 Madison, AL, 15:27 per mile.


      1 - Jim Ustasiewski, M, 1:39:12 Douglas, AK, 7:34 per mile; 2 - Grace Magiacapre F, 1:39:23 Winston-Salem, NC, 7:35 per mile; 3 - Andrew Sinclair, M,  1:40:17 Juneau, AK, 7:39 per mile; 4 - Steve Ricci, M, 1:42:18 Juneau, AK, 7:48 per mile; 5 - Mariah Santandreu, F, 1:43:40 Hamburg, NY, 7:54 per mile; 6 - Eric Stefanich, M, 1:44:14 Juneau, AK, 7:57 per mile; 7 - Geneva Peters, F, 1:44:21 Ketchikan, AK, 7:57 per mile; 8 - Andrew Ringlee, M, 1:44:37 Alexandria, VA, 7:59 per mile; 9 - Jeff Boman, M, 1:47:09 Juneau, AK, 8:10 per mile; 10 - Cole Cummins, M, 1:49:08 Juneau, AK, 8:19 per mile; 11 - Brian Donovan, M, 1:50:48 Wells, ME, 8:27 per mile; 12 - Mickey Kenny, M, 1:50:52 Juneau, AK 8:27 per mile; 13 - Quinn Tracy, M, 1:52:26 Juneau, AK 8:34 per mile; 14 - Jeff Rogers, M, 1:53:05 Juneau, AK, 8:37 per mile; 15 - Brian Wilson, M, 1:53:08 Juneau, AK, 8:38 per mile; 16 - Sara Race, F, 1:55:49 Juneau, AK, 8:50 per mile; 17 - John Rakos, M, 1:58:27 Troutdale, OR, 9:02 per mile; 18 - Joanna Forst,F, 1:58:44 Juneau, AK, 9:03 per mile; 19 (tie) - Elena Hesson, F, 1:59:19 Juneau, AK, 9:06 per mile; 19 (tie) - Glen Fairchild, M, 1:59:19 Juneau, AK, 9:06 per mile; 21 - Danielle Dunivin, F, 2:01:08 Juneau, AK, 9:14 per mile; 22 - Julia Mesdag, F, 2:01:09 Juneau, AK, 9:14 per mile; 23 - Brittni Wisner, F, 2:01:50 Juneau, AK, 9:18 per mile; 24 - Sarah Zaglifa, F, 2:02:56 Juneau, AK, 9:23 per mile; 25 - John Kern, M, 2:04:24 Juneau, AK, 9:29 per mile; 26 - Sarah Johnson, F, 2:04:59 Juneau, AK, 9:32 per mile; 27 - Dave Deck, M, 2:05:36 Juneau, AK, 9:35 per mile; 28 - Emy Ribao, F, 2:05:37 Juneau, AK, 9:35 per mile; 29 - Austin Stefanich, M, 2:06:45 Juneau, AK 9:40 per mile; 30 - Jane Lanford, F, 2:07:54 Fairbanks, AK, 9:45 per mile; 31 - Jamie Bursell, F, 2:10:31 Juneau, AK, 9:57 per mile; 32 - Nathan Winegar, M, 2:10:59 Belmont, CA, 9:59 per mile; 33 - Angelique Lund, F, 2:11:06 Monroe, NC, 10:00 per mile; 34 - Joscelyn Brownlee, F, 2:14:27 Juneau, AK, 10:15 per mile; 35 - Marian Eiben, F, 2:14:46 Juneau, AK, 10:17 per mile; 36 - Christy Wallace, F, 2:15:25 Juneau, AK, 10:20 per mile; 37 - Eden Orelove, F, 2:15:48 Alexandria, VA, 10:21 per mile; 38 - Carl Brodersen, M, 2:18:04 Juneau, AK, 10:32 per mile; 39 - Andrea Duncan, F, 2:18:27 Juneau, AK, 10:34 per mile; 40 - Jacob Ridle, M, 2:18:31 Juneau, AK, 10:34 per mile; 41 -  Bethany Esse, F, 2:18:50 Hopkins, MN, 10:35 per mile; 42 - Stephanie Ward, F, 2:18:51 Metairie, LA 10:35 per mile; 43 - Heather Parker, F, 2:20:06 Juneau, AK, 10:41 per mile; 44 - Jenevieve Clauss, F, 2:21:42 Juneau, AK, 10:49 per mile; 45 - Karen Murray, F, 2:22:15 Mamaroneck, NY, 10:51 per mile; 46 - Justine Wagner, F,  2:22:37 Juneau, AK, 10:53 per mile; 47 - Jane Jaeger, F, 2:25:45 Minneapolis, MN, 11:07 per mile; 48 - Mara Sheakley-Early, F, 2:25:48 Juneau, AK, 11:07 per mile; 49 - Rachelle Cummins, F, 2:26:10 Juneau, AK, 11:09 per mile; 50 - Laura Gallenberger, F, 2:27:22 Minneapolis, MN, 11:14 per mile; 51 - Glen Anderson, M, 2:30:23 Kents Store, VA, 11:28 per mile; 52 - Susan Leppke, F, 2:32:59 Minneapolis, MN, 11:40 per mile; 53 - Caitlin O'Meally, F, 2:33:25 Juneau, AK, 11:42 per mile; 54 - Melinda Paden, F, 2:39:19 Juneau, AK, 12:09 per mile; 55 - Susan Bagen, F, 2:44:10 Plano, TX, 12:31 per mile; 56 - Robert Lumba, M, 2:50:46 Juneau, AK, 13:02 per mile; 57 - JJ Robinson, F, 2:58:48 Baker, MT, 13:38 per mile; 58 - Jessica Mangram, F, 3:16:31 Juneau, AK, 15:00 per mile; 59 - Linda Kruger, F, 3:24:56 Juneau, AK, 15:38 per mile; 60 - Tina Peyerk, F, 3:29:38 Juneau, AK, 16:00 per mile; 61 (tie) - Shannon Farr, F, 4:02:29 Douglas, AK, 18:30 per mile; 61 (tie) - Lisa Cone, F,  4:02:29 Juneau, AK, 18:30 per mile; 63 - Bret Derrick, M, 4:29:19 Columbia, MO, 20:33 per mile; 64 - David Mitchell, M, Juneau, AK, DNF.

    Sorry, it doesn't look like there's any photos here just yet.


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