Hart talks about his House 33 candidacy on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - James Hart is seeking election to State House District 33 representing downtown Juneau, Douglas and Northern Lynn Canal communities which include his hometown of Haines.

    The 28 year old Hart is a Chilkoot Indian Association tribal council member and culture camp teacher.  He also serves as a delegate of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

    If elected, Hart would be the first non Juneau resident to represent a part of the City and Borough Juneau since statehood.  He was  asked on Action Line what assurances he would offer Juneau residents that he would have the town's interests at heart.  "I feel all of Southeast is a regional community.  A lot of our issues are very similar.  I feel like our fisheries are really the backbone to a lot of the communities and something we all fall back on.  I'm really strong in advocating for our fisheries, and making sure our tourism is still going on and its run in a responsible way."  

    Hart said he was motivated to run since he was alarmed about several issues including salmon habitat, education funding and transportation within the district.

    Hart is seeking the Democratic nomination.   He faces competition in the August 21 Primary Election from Sara Hannan and Steve Handy of Juneau and Tom Morphet of Haines.

    Chris Dimond of Juneau is running as an independent.  Whomever is elected in the Democratic Primary will face Dimond in November's General Election.   No member of Republican Party filed for the office.


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