Hannan not worried about Westerdam, but state's ability to respond to coronavirus

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Representative Sara Hannan is concerned about the state's ability to respond to the coronavirus threat.

    "The Alaska Public Health Centers have been cut so dramatically the Governor's asked for some money to be put into the supplemental budget because that's on a fast track and they can use it this year"

    She said there aren't sufficient epidemiology resources to do testing of an outbreak of any magnitude.  "We have to prepare as if we're going to have some outbreak.  So I don't think having a functioning public health service that both can monitor and administer some health regimes is a bureaucracy that we can afford to cut."

    On another front, Representative Hannan was asked about plans to have the cruise ship Westerdam stage in Juneau earlier this month as it cuts short voyages in Asia and awaits the Alaska cruise ship season.  "That vessel in and of itself is not a threat as I've been told and my understanding.  I think what we are likely to see is the coronavirus getting to us via air travel because that's how most microbes get into Juneau."

    Representative Hannan made her comments on Action Line.


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