Hale talks about special child care committee work on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly's Special Child Care Committee meets again Friday.

    It was formed to explore the feasibility of the Best Starts proposal which calls for preparing youngsters for kindergarten and at the same time providing child care.

    Assembly member Michelle Bonnet Hale serves on the committee.  Last week's initial meeting was to organize.  She says they'll start looking at the next steps during this second meeting.  "For example, one of the things that we want to explore is how to effectively get input and feedback from the residents of Juneau on the direction that we need to be going with child care or whether we need to be addressing child care.  That's one of the sort of questions that Mayor Weldon has asked us is should this city and borough of Juneau play a role in child care.  So that's kind of one of the things we're looking at."

    Hale  was about her thoughts on adding the cost to the CBJ budget on an annual basis.  She says that's one of the questions that have to sort out.  
    "If we think about  adding something like Best Starts, it is an ongoing operating cost and that's got to come from some where.  So its our job as the Assembly to figure out where that comes from.  I think that sometimes there's been a concern that would all come from property taxes, but my understanding of how the Assembly finds those pots of money is that they really look at a lot of different places."

    Hale says the committee's charge is to bring back recommendations to the full Assembly by February.


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