Haines Assembly votes to offer Kreitzer Borough Manager spot

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Haines assembly met on on July 27 and voted unanimously to make Annette Kreitzer an offer to become the next Borough Manager, following 14 months of the community not having one.

    Kreitzer previously had worked with the State Department of Administration in 2007, as well as at Pole Bay in the Aleutians as a Clinic Manager.

    Haines Mayor, Douglas Olerud, was asked what he hopes Krieitzer will bring to the Haines community. "Based on the comments from the Assembly last night, is some stability," he said. "We're hoping to develop a really good working relationship between Kreitzer and the assembly, Kreitzer and the Borough employees, and the community."

    Olerud said the goal is to get off a cycle of going through managers in a relatively short period of time and develop some stability in the office.

    He was asked what stuck out to him from the conversation the assembly had, he said the thing that was mentioned the most was her experience at the state level. "We think that's going to be an asset to the community. She kept talking throughout her interviews about transparency, getting complete information to the assembly, making sure everybody has the same information, and also that sharing that same stuff with the community," he said.

    What also stuck out to Olerud was her speaking on accountability. "None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, and she mentioned 'you know there's gonna be times when I'm probably gonna do something wrong or screw it up but I'll admit it and I'll take ownership of it' and like in any job that's what an employers looking for," he said.

    During the time without a Borough Manager, the Borough Clerk had to fill the role. Olerud commented on Alekka Fullerton's time in that role "She's done an amazing job balancing the clerk job, the manager job, and then also she was actively involved with the EOC not only just for COVID but for our landslide event and so she's had a ton of stuff on her plate for the last 14 months, and she's performed very well on that and Haines has been lucky to have her fill in that position."

    Olerud said that chairman of the Personnel Committee, Paul Rogers, and himself are going to meet Friday morning to work out contract details based on what the assembly's wishes were.

    According to the borough, If the offer is accepted, Ms. Kreitzer indicated she cannot start until October 1.

    Olerud mentioned that Lenise Henderson of the Professional Development Company was helpful to the Borough. "We originally were going to contract with her to help facilitate the manager hire position, she did that for the last school superintendent position, and did an amazing job with that," he said. "So we were going to hire her and then after the slides, she said you know 'living in Haines, as long as I have' she wanted to donate her services, and so she donated eight months of help to the Borough, and she was definitely a major asset for the assembly as we were working on this hiring process. So, I really appreciate everything that Lenise to put in on behalf of Haines."

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