Haines Assembly meets

    Haines, Alaska (KINY) A new litter law, junk cars, and a deal with Alaska Marine Lines highlighted the Borough Assembly agenda.

    The Assembly moved closer to a new littering ordinance for areas outside the town site.  In the past they have only regulated litter inside town.

    Borough Manager Debra Schnabel said the more people deposit household waste outside the town site, it is littering and hazardous, "We want to put on the books that littering outside the town is as unacceptable as it is inside the town site area.  We will make some motion to try and enforce that."

    A Juneau business has expressed an interest in taking junk cars collected in Haines out of the borough by barge.  In response the Assembly is looking at ways to permit a junk yard on the waterfront.  "This ordinance will allow us to stage the junk cars at a waterfront lot so they can be easily picked up by the company."

    They have collected donated junk cars for sometime for a $50 fee and housed them at the impound yard.  It has been a voluntary program.   "Were doing a pretty good job of collecting the junk cars.  It has become a real community effort."

    In other issues, the Borough continues to talk with the state park service on ways to relieve congestion on the Chilkoot corridor a popular site for bear watching for tourists and visitors.

    The Assembly also agreed to further negotiate a lease with Alaska Marine Lines to build and use a roll on roll off facility on the waterfront.

    Schnabel said it would be a good thing for the community, "This is a great opportunity from my perspective.  We have aging facilities.  The Lutak dock is in a very critical state.  One part of the dock is the roll on roll off facility that hasn't been used extensively in the last couple of years because it is so decrepid.

    It would cost between $25 and $45 million to repair and replace the dock facility.  "AML said they could probably build this facility for a whole lot less than Haines could do publicly and they would be glad to do that."

    She said the dock poses safety issues.  AML is already using another portion of the dock to bring freight into Haines.


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