Gustavus working on projects

    Gustavus, Alaska (KINY) The city of Gustavus is working with Alaska power and telephone on an electric project

    Mayor Barb Miranda said the $3 million electric inter tie project is still under review, "When this was first proposed it seemed like there was a ton of excess electric capacity.  As people have started to use electric vehicles, getting heat pumps and using more electricity, that capacity is a little smaller than we thought.  We are unsure how much diesel generation will be needed to power both entities, the park service, and all the citizens and businesses in Gustavus."

    Mayor Barb Miranda said this electric project will have a big impact, "It's an electrical inter tie that is built between our diesel facility and the Bartlett Cove Administrative plant.  The park service would like to use the excess hydro electric capacity we have from the Falls Creek Hydroelectric power plant run by Alaska Electric Power and Telephone."

    Mayor Miranda said they also recently expanded the social services department to help more children in the community by helping fund a preschool.  Key goals for this year include an update to the strategic plan.

    The city is also working with Hoonah on possible creation of a borough.  Mayor Barb Miranda said that will be a long term review,  "They have approached us about the concept, I won't say we are actively working with them but we will definitely listen to what is being proposed and make our decision on what is best for the citizens of Gustavus."



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