Governor Walker quizzed on Juneau Access decisions while on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Access was one topic of conversation with Alaska Governor Bill Walker on Action Line Friday.

    The Governor selected the no build approach rather than a road to a ferry terminal at the  Katzehin River and then using ferry shuttles from there.  But then this year he decided not to veto funding  for the project restored by the Legislature that was stripped away last year.

    We asked about  those mixed signals.  "It could appear that way.  It's not intended to be mixed signals,' responded the Governor.  He explained that he could not support that particular alternative, but added that Juneau Access is still an issue of great importance.  "We're still looking at ways of making that happen through the Alaska Marine Highway System, et cetera.  So it's important for me to make sure that money was still left here in this region designated for access issues.  So I did not veto that.  I left that in play."

    Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallot who was a guest on Action Line recently and was asked about building a road all the way to Skagway.  He responded by saying that if that was proposed, the administration would be supportive and "all over it" as he put it.

    Walker responded by saying,  "You know, I would not be opposed to tying that into a road system." 

    The Governor was asked what his hometown of Valdez would be like without the Richardson Highway which connects the Prince William Sound community to the rest of the state. "It was like that for awhile," he said.  In the winter, it didn't use to be plowed and so I understand that.  Connecting roads with roads is a good thing."


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