"A New Start, a New Home" GoFundMe supports the family of Joel Walker, the Juneau man who died in a house fire

    The mobile home was a total structural loss. (Photo courtesy of CCFR)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The family needs a new home and other support after their mobile home tragically burnt down on Friday, Mar. 3.

    The fire claimed the lives of one man, Joel Walker, and two family dogs.

    The cause of the fatal fire was an electric toaster.

    Korra Stephens, Walker's niece, talked to News of the North about the GoFundMe. (Click to donate.)

    "My mom is probably going to use it for a downpayment on a new trailer and my mother needs new clothes. None of her stuff survived. So she's gonna need new clothes and furniture," she said. "I put it at $20,000. I didn't know exactly what anybody's willing to do."

    Two other dogs were able to escape the fire-the family is still looking for them.

    "Taku, she's a black and white husky, and then a smaller husky, Oggie. He's tan and white. They were not found in the fire so they believe that they must have escaped," Stephens said. "Call 907-419-8520, and my little sister's number is 907-419-6813."

    Taku is 6 years old and possibly pregnant, and Oggie is 6 months old.

    The family noted the dogs are extremely scared and possibly hurt so it's unlikely they'll approach someone, but to try giving the family a call if they're seen.

    Stephens thanked the community for any support they can provide while her family grieves.

    "I'll let everybody know that we all appreciate everything that they're trying to do. Even just the words mean a lot," she said. "He was my uncle, he was always a part of our lives. He was just probably one of the purest souls you'll ever encounter. He was just a good person overall. He was blind and deaf."

    Above: Missing puppy Oggie. (Photo courtesy of Korra Stephens) Below: Missing husky Taku. (Photo courtesy of Korra Stephens)

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