German university plans COVID-19 concert study

    Leipzig, Germany (KINY) - German scientists are proposing a concert to work out how to throw a large indoor event while minimizing the potential for the coronavirus to spread.

    According to Business Insider, scientists from University Medical Center Halle are calling for 4,000 people to attend indoor stadium in Leipzig to see pop singer Tim Bendzko on Aug. 22.

    All participants will be tested for COVID-19 before taking part and masks and hand sanitizers will be used during the simulation.

    The plan calls for masked attendees to send data every five seconds showing where they are in the crowd, using wearable devices.

    They will use fluorescent hand sanitizer so scientists with UV lights will be able to see what surfaces have been touched and "become particularly dangerous," according to its website.

    A fog machine is also expected to be pumping out fog to help visualize how the coronavirus could spread by aerosols.

    Three scenarios in total are suggested; Scenario 1 simulates an event with 4,000 visitors and an event similar to before the pandemic started.

    In Scenario 2, 4,000 visitors are also admitted to the arena, but with significantly larger distances between the participants.

    In Scenario 3, a distance of 5 feet is maintained on bleachers. Only about 2,000 subjects are involved in this scenario.

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