Fundraiser planned for federal workers in Juneau

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Federal employees in Juneau like the government's workers around the nation are feeling the pinch after missing last week's pay day.

    An event is planned in Juneau Saturday to lend a helping hand.  Its scheduled from 8 to 11 at Aldersgate Methodist Church  at 9161 Cinema Drive in the Valley.

    City Manager Rorie Watt had that word on Action Line Friday.  "This is a problem," he said.  "The federal government needs to resolve this.  There are big issues for the nation that need to get fixed and there are human impacts.  There are people who've got to pay bills and figure out how to move on.  And we've got people in Juneau that are going to work and they're not getting paid and they have uncertainty and that's really tough."

    The Juneau Economic Development Council reported on a previous Action Line program that Juneau took at $2 Million impact when the workers went unpaid last week. That impact doesn't include the multiplier effect.

    The situation is  impacting business at city hall.  Watt said people are starting to miss paying their bills.  Watt said they will not charge federal employees late fees on their water and sewer bills.  "If you have a bill and you're a federal employee and its a city bill, go ahead and call and just explain your situation."


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