Four parcels being considered for transit center

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Public Works facility was told the Mendenhall Mall is one of the options for a new valley transit center.

    The other options are a parcel across the street from the mall and two in Vintage Park nearby. 

    Engineering and Public Works Project Manager Lori Sowa said they are also considering park and ride facilities.  "We are currently evaluating the two different sites and the various layouts.  In the next month or so we will list the pros and cons of the site, how they work for the transit center itself, how it works in terms of bus routes, and look at finances and timelines for moving forward."

    Factors being considered include access to the site, the turning radius of the buses, visibility for bus drivers and other motorists, and whether the streets can accommodate the bus traffic. 

    There is no date to start construction.  They have concept designs in place.  They first must choose a site. The CBJ does not own either of the properties.



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