Former UAS Chancellor sounds off on plan to merge school with another campus

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Former University of Alaska Southeast Chancellor Marshal Lind has no use for the proposal to merge the school with the schools in either Anchorage or Fairbanks.

    "It's not a good proposal.  It is unnecessary.  I think the timing is wrong.  It'd be devastating to UAS."

    Lind explained on Action Line that he has sent the Board of Regents a letter as a follow-up to testimony he offered last week.  "I basically said if the proposal is to take fifteen plus million dollars for FY22 out of a total general fund of a little over $19 Million project for FY22, you're basically gutting the place.  You're not just merging it.  You're gutting it.  There's no way you can come up with that kind of reduction."

    Lind added that he would be a real shame in his view to destroy a well-run university that's been effective serving students throughout Southeast and elsewhere in the state for over 33 years.  "I was here when it was created and the model that was put in place 33 years ago works."

    The Board of Regents takes up this proposal as part of the university budget process during a two-day meeting commencing Thursday.  Lind was asked for his view on what the regents might decide.

    "If  I were to guess I think that there'll be action to delay until they get more information.  And, of course, you've got another pending situation to that could change the dynamics of this.  You've got the possibility of President Johnsen moving on to take on the presidency at the University of Wisconsin system, so that could change a lot of the emphasis on this."

    Lind referring to Jim Johnsen being the only finalist in the running for the University of Wisconsin position.

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