Flume Trail to temporarily close for repair

    Juneau, Alaska (AP) - A popular walking trail in Juneau will close for part of the year for repairs.

    Debbie Driscoll, a spokesperson for Alaska Electric Light and Power, says the Flume Trail's wooden walkway is safe for now. But she says the company is concerned with its long-term integrity.

    The trail will be closed between April and September.

    Driscoll says the hillside is slowly moving and some of the trestle foundations are not founded on bedrock.

    The flume itself provides hydroelectric power by diverting water from Gold Creek to a powerhouse.

    Driscoll says the leaking flume needs to be replaced. Up to 1,300 feet of the walkway and some trestles holding it up are also expected to be replaced.

    Driscoll says additional repairs next year are likely.

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