First case of COVID-19 reported in Anchorage

    Alaska Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink addresses the media.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A positive test for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has been reported in Alaska for the first time.

    According to the Department of Health and Social Services, the individual who is infected was an adult male international visitor who had a layover in Anchorage after arriving on a private cargo flight.

    House Speaker Bryce Edgmon released a statement on the development, saying, "Alaskans are united in the effort to protect the health of our people as we respond to COVID-19. We’ll get through this together. Healthcare workers and policymakers prepared for today, and we’re ready to act to limit the spread of this disease. The Legislature recently formed a bipartisan emergency preparedness committee, which will announce additional measures to protect Alaskans by the end of this week."

    "The news from Dr. Anne Zink is not surprising," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Begich. "We knew it would be a matter of time before Alaska had confirmed a positive COVID-19 case. Thanks to Dr. Anne Zink and her medical team, we are as prepared as a State as we can be to prevent an uncontrolled spread of this virus. I know our Legislative leadership is also united in its desire to ensure the health and safety of Alaskans.  

    “Alaskans know how to pull together and get through challenging times. In 2018, Southcentral Alaska had a major earthquake which united us. We looked after our family, friends, and neighbors. We were safe and prevailed like Alaskans always do. We must continue the recommendations of Dr. Anne Zink and create social distances, continue washing our hands, and not touch our faces.”

    The patient has been discharged from the hospital, according to Alaska Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink. The quarantine period is about two weeks, according to Zink.

    According to Zink, the state will continue updates as information becomes available.


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