Fire Started in Barnaby Brewing, Cause likely Electrical

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - A fire that burned through a three story building on North Franklin Street damaged Barnaby Brewing as well as left several apartments with smoke damage on Monday night.

    Fire Marshall Dan Jager updated us on what the cause of the fire might be.

    “Our office was able to conduct a fire investigation and determined that the area where the fire started was in the Barnaby Brewing portion of the building in the basement and the potential cause for the fire has been narrowed down to electrical. It was either a failure of the lighting in the ceiling or failure of the building wiring itself.”

    No one was reported to be injured, but the extent of the damage has yet to be calculated.

    “We don't see anything suspicious about this fire, nothing intentional, there was no report of any injuries from tenants, civilians, or firefighters. We're still working on trying to get an estimate of damage, but it's going to be several thousands dollars, primarily due to Barnaby's Brewing. The building is insured and also Barnaby Brewing is insured themselves.”

    Fighting this fire did provide a challenge for emergency personnel.

    “Fortunately, we were able to get to it really quick. It was an old building with the type of construction stuff that occurred throughout the years; there was a lot of void spaces, so the fire was able to travel through all kinds of different directions and also allowed to smoke to travel throughout, which is why the apartments as well as some of the other tenants and businesses in that building have smoke damage.”

    Jager also wanted to thank the community.

    “We appreciate everyone's patience, as we had most downtown streets blocked up with or apparatus, but can we tried to take care of it as soon as we could and get everything opened back up.”


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