Fire marshal: High number of fires unusual, but no connection found

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Capital City Fire Rescue has had an unusual number of fires recently.

    Two occurred Saturday.  The first call came in just 8 a.m. from a trailer home in Switzer Village.  Heavy damage was done and a dog perished in the blaze.

    Fire Marshal Dan Jager was asked about the cause on Action Line Thursday.  He said the fire's origin was in the arctic entryway near the front door.  The exact cause remains undetermined.  "It could be electrical.  It could be discarded smoking materials.  It could be intentional.  We haven't been able to rule any of those out yet and it could be a complete accident as well."  

    The fire marshal said they still need to do some interviews and other follow up work.

    The other fire call Saturday came in before 6 p.m. at a single family dwelling on Fritz Cove Road.  Jager said the fire started on a work bench in the basement.  Given the amount of debris in the immediate area, he said nothing has been confirmed as the cause.  Interviews are still being done with the homeowner and occupants as well, he said.

    It's been a busy time for fires with eight reported in the last month and a half that were investigated.

    The start came in the beginning of July  with a stove top fire at the Mendenhall Towers that spread.  There was one on Back Loop that was near a storage shed.  There was a fire in the back shed area of a trailer in Kodzoff.  An electric blanket caught fire at a residence on Mendenhall Boulevard.  There was the destructive fire on Kimberly Street and the fire last Thursday in the building being demolished at the landfill.

    Despite some pronouncements on social media, the fire marshal said at this time they have found no connections between the fires.

    The fire marshal did encourage  residents to contact them  with any information they may have.  "If they have any photos, videos, any information, please continued to help us out," he said.  It's greatly appreciated.  It has made a difference on fire cases in the past and we just encourage people to keep doing that with us."


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