Fire damages garage

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Fire crews were dispatched to the 1100 block of Slim Williams Way after a family friend and relative noticed the fire late Sunday.

    Fire Marshall Dan Jager said nobody was hurt and the damage was confined to the garage.  He estimated that over $5,000 in property damage was done.  The home was insured.

    "The occupants were safely evacuated.  It was found by a person passing by who noticed some soot on the outside of the garage door.  When they opened the door they found a lot of smoke.  That is where the fire started and that is where it stayed."

    Crews were on the scene about two hours for the investigation.

    "There was a belief it could have been an electric treadmill but that was eliminated.  There was some damage done by the soot."

    Jager said in most cases where you try to put out a blaze, its best to call 911 immediately.  He said if the resident feels comfortable trying to put out a fire they can try.  "Right away call 911, make sure everyone is out, and wait for us to show up.  We have the equipment and the gear to go inside burning structures.  We don't want the public to take any chances and become a victim."

    The cause was not considered suspicious.





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