Finance committee moves departmental increases to full Assembly

    Juneau City Hall in downtown.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The City and Borough of Juneau Finance Committee has moved an ordinance that would appropriate $1,535,300 for increases in Fiscal Year 2019 operations among five departments.

    Of the total request, $950,000 is for Capital City Fire-Rescue and would be paid with general government funds. The other four requests are funded from their own operational revenues or fund balance.

    According to Borough Manager Rorie Watt, the airport anticipates exceeding its FY19 Assembly authorized spending authority by $108,400. Airport staff discussed this at their budget presentation on April 10. Funding would be provided by the Airport Fund’s balance.

    Additionally, CCFR’s anticipated shortfall of $950,000 in the FY19 operating budget is due to approximately $250,000 in negotiated wage and benefits increases, and an ambulance billing shortfall of approximately $700,000. The shortfall is a result of continued declines in billable call volume, overaggressive revenue projections and higher than anticipated bad-debt and contractual write-offs.

    For the Docks and Harbors Department, a supplemental request would increase the enterprise spending authority in FY19 by $35,000.

    The Lands Department’s projected expenditures are anticipated to exceed their revenue collected by $201,900 in the current fiscal year. This shortfall is due to a decrease in projected revenues from land sales.

    The timing of the South Lena Subdivision of Lot 1 Block B has pushed the sale of the resulting four lots into FY20. They were originally scheduled for disposal in FY19.

    The Risk Management Department anticipates exceeding its FY19 Assembly authorized spending authority by $240,000. This increase is due to higher-than-budgeted claims for health insurance.

    A second proposed ordinance would allocate $271,200 to add funds to various departments’ equipment replacement fund accounts and allocate $349,500 to the city’s self-insurance healthcare account.

    Both ordinances will be taken up at the May 13 meeting of the Assembly.


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