Final Orion Cooler Winners From Golden North Salmon Derby

    Winners announced for the Orion 85 coolers from Mendenhall Auto & Juneau Radio Center at each dock for the 72nd Golden North Salmon Derby.

    Below are the winning ticket numbers at each dock for Friday and Saturday of the competition.  The 7th and final cooler was culled from tickets at all weigh stations during the three days of Derby competition.  Thanks to everyone who participated!
    Auke Bay  Friday winner # 626055
    Amalga Friday winner # 252289
    Douglas Friday winner # 605012
    Auke Bay Saturday winner # 626148
    Amalga Saturday winner # 252071
    Douglas Saturday winner # 605080
    The Monday morning draw from ALL THE TICKETS FROM EACH WEIGH STATION FOR THE THREE DAYS OF THE DERBY IS: from Douglas, 605104 for the 7th and final cooler.

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