Eyre death not forgotten

    Fairbanks, Alaska (KINY) About a dozen family, friends and supporters held a candlelight vigil on the anniversary of Eyre's death.

    Eyre was shot to death by police after an armed confrontation on Christmas Eve, 2017. 

    The friends said they want police training to change.

    The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported that Eyre's sister, Samantha Eyre-Harrison said mental health crisis should be handled differently.  She said police should be trained to de-escalate interactions like this.

    His mother had reported Eyre was having a bad day and was armed. She told police that Cody was not a danger to others, only to himself.

    Eyre had refused to drop his gun and had pointed it at officers before he was shot to death in a church parking lot.  Police said they told Eyre to drop the gun 78 times.

    Police have released an 11-minute video of officer dashboard and body cameras on the night of the shooting.  Prosecutors said they do not plan to file charges and that officers were legally entitled to use deadly force.  42 shots were fired at Eyre.

    Eyre-Harrison said she is concerned that police brought rifles to the scene because her brother is Alaskan native.  She pointed to statistics from the Center for Disease Control that showed Native Americans were killed by police at a higher rate than any other racial group in America in recent years.

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