Escape Game Alaska Stands Out in a Quickly Expanding Attraction

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Escape Rooms, a popular hobby that has started popping up all over the world, are faithfully represented in Juneau.

    An Escape Room is a puzzle, where a group of people are locked in an area and asked to find a way to get out by finding clues. These games are often themed and can take a lot of skills to succeed like math, decoding, and perception. They are famous for being great team-building exercises. 

    Juneau has its own set of rooms in the basement of Salt, known as Escape Game Alaska, which currently has three rooms to play in. One of those rooms is built after a period accurate gold miner's cabin and must be solved by candlelight, while another is built around discovering what happened to a secret agent on the run. 

    We talked to Nicole Skeek, who is the owner of Escape Game Alaska, before diving into one of the challenges. We asked her on how long the business has been in Juneau. 

    “We just became operational on September 26th and we've been operating two of the rooms up until about a month ago and then we opened up third room which was Rowdy’s Gold Claim and we've been doing pretty well. The third room I actually had waiting list for, so people were pretty excited about it and once they've gotten the chance to do it they've been rating it as the best one out of the three.”

    Skeek then explained how the idea came about. 

    “I've been to a bunch of escape games so the first one that I did was in Austin, Texas and I absolutely loved it! Fell in love immediately! The Escape Company has a much broader reach than I do, obviously, but Juneau's never had escape games and the experience industry is pretty new outside of like outdoor tours and zip lines and stuff.”

    Skeek has had all ages play her games from 5-years-old to 92. We asked her what she would say to people who have yet to try an Escape Game. 

    “If you're into Goonies, if you're into Indiana Jones, if you like keeping your mind on point and learning new things and having adventures, cracking things apart and figuring out puzzles and stuff like that, so if you're that type of person. . .” 

    “How about this I'll make it simple. If you like fun, then I think that Escape Games are for you.”

    Find more information about Escape Game Alaska on their website

    To get a better understand how an Escape Game works, Escape Game Alaska recommends watching this video series. 

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