Energy strategy up for Assembly approval

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A resolution up for approval at Monday night's regular meeting of the Assembly calls for adoption of the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy.

    Deputy Mayor Jerry Nankervis said on Action Line Friday that he doesn't see any issues that would bar approval by the Assembly.  "There was pretty universal support for moving towards those goals,"  he said.  "It is aspirational.  It's not mandatory.  However, most folks in town want to move that direction and the Assembly says, 'Let's to it'"

    Under new business are regulations formulated by the Docks and Harbors Department dealing with anchoring on CBJ owned tidelands.  Nankervis said it is something they need to address because they're finding out they're having a tough time addressing the issue.

    There's an ordinance and a resolution up for action related to State DOT's plan to reconstruct Egan Drive between Tenth and Main Streets.  

    The ordinance calls for the sale of a small section of a city owned lot to the state.  The resolution deals with temporary and permanent easements that would be granted by the local government to DOT.

    Nankervis said the Assembly will take those actions to facilitate the project going forward.  "That needed to happen for DOT to do the project," he said.  There are several appropriation ordinances of interest up for introduction at tonight's meeting.

    One would appropriate $480.000 from the Juneau Affordable Housing Fund for the CBJ Accessory Apartment Grand Incentive Program.

    Another would earmark $200,000 for development of the Archipelago property, the dirt lot south of the  the parking lot and library downtown.

    The Assembly is being asked to approve a transfer of $200,000 from the Harbor Fund to a new CIP for Auke Bay Marine Station maintenance and improvements.  The Docks and Harbors Department and the University of Alaska Southeast have gained title to the former federal government property.

    And there's an ordinance that appropriates $75,000 to cover the city and borough's cost for intervening in the Regulatory Commission of Alaska proceedings on the proposed sale of Alaska Electric Light and Power's parent company to Hydro One of Tornoto Canada.

    That ordinance will be taken up and set for a public hearing during a special Assembly meeting February 26.

    The others will be up for action at the next regular meeting.

    This evening's meeting is scheduled to convene  at 7 p.m. in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.


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