Elections, fireworks and capital projects dominate Assembly COW agenda

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Assembly Committee of the Whole voted to bring two new election voting plans to the full Assembly

    One option is to vote by mail as the city did in 2020, by sending ballots to Anchorage to be sorted

    The other is similar but involves purchasing sorting equipment for the city

    The end result might be a combination of the two, such as sending ballots to Anchorage this year, and purchasing equipment later

    The ordinance has been moved to the full Assembly for further discussion.

    The panel also took up the  use and sale of fireworks in the city and borough in the city

    CBJ AttorneyRobert Palmer read through the entire proposed ordinance for the committee which included banning concussive fireworks in the fire service area and limiting permitted sales of fireworks outside the zone as well.

    But committee member, Wade Bryson, boiled the issue down by recommending the elimination of mortar-type fireworks from the fire service area.  "I just want to take the worst offender and remove it from the equation, and I think it's going to make our lives a lot easier," he said.

    The committee did not move the proposal and will take it up again.

    The Assembly also prioritized capital projects in response to requests from the local legislative delegation and U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski for possible state and federal funding.

    Mayor Beth Weldon says they selected five top projects for state funding including the Lemon Creek Bike Path, Phase Three of Aurora Harbor, state office building parking, the second channel crossing, and expansion of the North Douglas launch ramp.  However, all 16 projects on the list will be submitted to the state for funding.

    Projects submitted to Senator Murkowski's office included $25 Million for Centennial Hall, $8 Million for the Lemon Creek Bike Path, and $50 Million for the second channel crossing, although the mayor added that they are checking to see if that number needs to be adjusted.




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