Eaglecrest officials talk gondola, season pass on Capital Chat

    The gondola is on its way from Europe. (Photo courtesy CBJ)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Eaglecrest Ski Resort provided updates regarding their 2022 winter season while on Capital Chat.

    Dave Scanlan, general manager of Eaglecrest, shared updates on the gondola coming to Eaglecrest from Austria.

    "It's currently in the middle of the Atlantic, sailing its way across to the East Coast. We're expecting that hopefully, we'll see trucks arriving to the parking lot of Eaglecrest around Sept. 5 to 10."

    There's also a gondola tracker on the News of the North website.

    Scanlan also explained the installation process.

    "Installation is going to be definitely a longer process. So, we're actually just finishing contracts with the full engineering and design team. So Northwind Architects our local firm going to be leading all of the engineering consultants and design for the gondola. So, we're hoping to do some preliminary work this fall, do some soils engineering and then get the full design plan done this winter and be able to start construction next summer."

    Eaglecrest's marketing manager, Kristin Strom, talked about their passes for purchase.

    "Season passes are live and they're online. We're in the middle of our tier one sale. So that'll be ending September 5th. So, you have about a month to get your finances in order and get the Season pass purchased for the season. Prices do increase after tier one, and they go up about $100. So, it's definitely worth looking into getting your pass by Sept. 5. You can get them printed at the mountain at Discover Eaglecrest Day later in September."

    Discover Eaglecrest Day is on Sept. 17.

    Scanlan added about their flex pass.

    "The Flex Pass it's a one-time early buy-in. So, once you've bought that first Flex Pass it's like a membership program so when you're in the Flex Pass program then you can just go online, and you can buy a day ticket for half price."

    Fifth graders can go to Eaglecrest for free skiing.

    Scanlin said to send in the registration form to get signed up for the program.

    After the child's signed up, they'll go to the ticket window where Eaglecrest staff prints out a day pass, and the kids can check out the slopes.

    Strom also talked about Eaglecrest's newest cabin available for reservation.

    "It's the Raven's Rest, easily accessible right from the parking lot. It's just right up the driveway and then you know you've got this great outdoor area where you have a fire pit and benches. It's got front and back decks. It sleeps about six people, and it's got electric heat. So, they're available on our online store. Reservations are open for September, October, and November. And all those dates are live. There are still a couple of dates that'll be available, but we'll be releasing more Sept. 1."

    Scanlan responded to a question about what preparation they are doing for winter.

    "So, the big thing is our continued expansion on our snowmaking system. Our plan is to prep up all of our gear before that gondola shows up so we can be ready to go and then we can focus on the gondola prep. So, people as they're hiking the mountain over the next couple of weeks are gonna see our snowmaking gear coming out and getting dispersed around the hill. So, as you guys know, we like to be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws our way."

    Scanlan also said they will be keeping their process developed over the pandemic of pre-rental gear.

    "Coming into the fall we're gonna have reservations available for families to come in and pre-fit the kiddos with gear. Granted everybody, the kiddos grow so fast, but again, those seasonal rentals, amazing for the kids you don't have to worry about them buying expensive gear and then growing out of it. So those seasonal rentals, they go quick as well but we're always looking to open up more slots for that. So, we'll be doing those pre-fit reservations in the fall to make it easy when you come to the mountain. We'll know exactly what gear you need and get you out the door."

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