Dunleavy administration denies resignation details request

    Juneau, Alaska (AP) - Governor Mike Dunleavy's administration has denied a request for information on employee resignations after Dunleavy took office.

    The Associated Press requested the number and a list of employees whose resignations were accepted and details on any owed severance.

    After Dunleavy's election, his transition said it asked at-will employees to resign and reapply for their jobs. Dunleavy's chief of staff said asking if they want to work for the administration was appropriate.

    Dunleavy's public records officer, Angela Hull, said neither Dunleavy's office nor other agencies have lists of personnel who did or did not submit requested resignation offers; who had their resignations accepted or left state work because they did not offer to resign.

    Hull said even if such lists existed, information derived from certain employee personnel records is confidential.

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