Downtown business leaders react to government response to pandemic

    Midgi Moore.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Top officers of the Juneau Downtown Business Association whose members are hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic reacted to the response from all levels of government while guests on Action Line.

    Midgi Moore is the association's president.   "I think that as a country we are doing the best that we can given certain circumstances.  I think the Governor has really responded well.  I am so thankful that he put in the no-fly mandates and things like that.   But I really am proud of our city.  I'm proud of Mayor Weldon and our Assembly for taking it seriously for helping businesses and coming up with solutions for letting DBA be part of that conversation and what that looks like.  I'm really excited and honored to be part of that."

    Juneau Mayor Beth Weldon and Assemblymember Carole Triem are working on finalizing a resolution that would call for the local government to provide bridge loans to local businesses in order to bridge the gap during the time it takes for federal and state relief to materialize.  The proposal calls for the program to be administered by the Juneau Economic Development Council.

    DBA Vice President Kenny Solomon-Gross had this reaction.   "I'm just very proud of the city and Mayor Weldon for stepping up and really realizing that small businesses need help.  

    Meanwhile, Moore said the DBA is staying in touch with its members and helping where it can.


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