DOT Presents Options for Riverside/Stephen Richards Intersection Congestion

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The intersection at Riverside Drive and Stephen Richards Memorial Drive could see some changes in the future, as the Department of Transportation have had a traffic study performed and presented solutions to the traffic congestion to the public.

    Public Information Officer for the DOT here in Juneau Aurah Landau ran us through the options.

    “DOT has done a traffic study to analyze what the current congestion is at the intersection. The problem we're trying to solve is to get better flow through for the people that are commuting out of the Mendenhall Valley and going home in the evening, make that flow through a little faster.”

    “DOT has developed some concepts for the public to consider, they range from doing nothing at the intersection, to doing a four-way stop, to doing a 4-way light, to doing different iterations of roundabouts, different shapes of roundabouts.”

    She talked about the general path of the future of this intersection.

    “The comments that come from the public on this are going to be taken into account and help shape where DOT goes from here. DOT will analyze the comments and the considerations from stakeholders in the community over the summer and then come back to the public with a suggested alternative in the fall.”

    “We’ll do another public open house and give people the chance to dive into what that means, the cost, the effect on traffic, the effect on pedestrians, the safety, how it could affect the size of the intersection, and then give people another chance to weigh in on the detailed proposal.”

    Landau says the best way to stay up to date with the various projects is to go to their website.

    “The best way to comment is to go to DOT’s website and on there people can see video simulations of all the different alternatives, they can look at comparisons of the different alternatives from cost, safety, traffic flow, criteria. They can look at other project documents to see all the materials that were shown here at the open house.”

    “They can submit comments, sign up for the email list that will keep them in the loop and I really want to encourage people to sign up for that email because that's a really great way to stay involved.”

    Find that link, which has a comment entry and assets from the presentation right here.

    Landau also told us that each project has its own funding pool and doesn't take away from another project. A lot of members of the public brought up other areas that they felt were more pressing.

    “DOT has a number of projects working concurrently. We’re analyzing the traffic and suggestions for improving the Fred Meyer intersection. We’re looking at improving traffic flow through Mendenhall Loop Road. Also we’re  looking at widening the Riverside Egan intersection.”

    “We're going to work very hard on both the timing and the planning of all those projects and make sure they don't conflict with each other. This is so we don’t have too much construction going on at once and that the projects are all moving forward.”

    The project would be paid by the Federal Highway Administration, who are covering 90.97% of the project, while the CBJ would be responsible for the remaining cost. The public commentary period will end on July 27th. Find more information and a way to submit comments on this website.

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