Don Habeger Files for Assemby District 2 and Gives Three Reasons for Filing

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Another chip was put into the proverbial hat for the Juneau Assembly District 2 seat. Don Habeger has filed to run.

    There are two open seats following decisions from Beth Weldon and Norton Gregory to run for the City Mayor seat. Weldon has put in her paperwork, while Gregory has yet to make it official. Either way, the upcoming Assembly vacancy will be determined in the October election and Don Habeger says that he would be a good fit for the role.  

    In an extensive interview on his stances on the various issues in the city and Southeast region, we asked Habeger first why he decided to run where he listed three reasons. First, his schedule with the Juneau Reentry Coalition gave him the extra time.

    "Currently, I have a contract with the Juneau Reentry Coalition to provide staff support for them. Previously, I did not have the time because I worked in an office for other folks; I did not have that flexibility." 

    Second, Habeger is hoping to further accentuate the rehabilitation and reentry of incarcerated citizens.

    "The Juneau Reentry Coalition was invited to participate or hold discussions with a designated seat on the Mayor's Public Safety Task Force. There were a number of recommendations that came out of that Task Force. Some of those recommendations included community reinvestment for reentry to make sure that those coming out of incarceration get a fair starting chance when they come back to our community and have the support and services that they need to be successful. I am very much in favor of their success."

    "This effort would improve our public safety record in our community."

    Lastly, Habeger says that he just has the right work history.

    "I've had experience in the private sector, now the non-profit sector, and also the public sector. I worked for the State of Alaska when Sean Parnell was Governor. That experience and all of those perspectives add value to what I can offer the city." 

    We already knew that Wade Bryson was also running for one of the District 2 seats.


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