Dog Killed by Wolf in Lemon Creek, Fish and Game Investigates

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Alaska Fish and Game have responded to a supposed wolf attack that killed a dog near the Home Depot in Lemon Creek.

    The dog's owner shared the news on a community Facebook group late Wednesday night. According to that post, the family's dog was killed by a large black wolf. The owner is advising citizens leash their dogs and be more careful during hikes.

    For now, Fish and Game are gathering knowledge of the incident. They are advising people be more wary, leash dogs, and notify them of any more interactions with wolves.  

    Wolves are normally harder to spot in Juneau, although the population has been on the rise. It's recommended that during an encounter with a wolf to be aggressive and stand your ground to try and scare the animal away.


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