Does Juneau Have Talent?

    Auditions at the Juneau Dance Theatre hope to find out.

    On Saturday evening, the Juneau Dance Theatre hosted auditions for their live show slated for April 7th at 7pm at the JACC. The judges present were Jocelyn Miles, Noatak Post, Catherine Fowle, and Alisha Falberg. Ms. Miles and Mr. Post had both won the competition in years prior. Ms. Fowle teaches ballet, and Ms. Falberg specializes in modern dance.

    The talent was diverse, including singers, dancers, a comedian, a clown, and a slam poet. The acts that converted well to audio can be streamed below, and the acts that were better suited to video are included separately in that format.

    While previous iterations of the show were meant for a family friendly audience, the upcoming show is more broad, and will feature a bar for those over 21.

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