Docks and Harbors chair credited with fighting crime in harbors

    Port Director Carl Uchytil (Left) and Deputy Harbormaster Matt Cresswell posing for Action Line photo

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The CBJ Docks and Harbors Department recently enlisted the help of the Juneau Citizen Patrol to crack down on crime in the harbors.

    Deputy Harbormaster Matt Cresswell said on Action Line that the effort is paying off.  He said on Action Line that they are catching some bad guys thanks to their board chair Don Etheridge who is a very active member of the citizens' patrol.  "He is volunteering his time and spending lots and lots of hours in the harbors at night."  

    Cresswell added they know Etheridge's efforts to bring greater awareness among harbor patrols are working since one evening last week police contacted him three times for being a suspicious person or vehicle in the harbor.  "So we know that people are paying attention to their surroundings
    and reporting suspicious cars and people within the harbors.  So we encourage everybody within the harbors, if they see something, say something."

    Port Director Carl Uchytil said of the efforts by Etheridge has inspired others to be aware of suspicious activity and report it.

    The department has provided computers at their Aurora and Statter Harbor offices to help patrons report crimes.


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