Discussions to pick up again on mascot name for combined Juneau football squad

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The effort to come up with a mascot name for the unified Juneau - Douglas and Thunder Mountain High Schools football team is underway again.

    Interim School District Superintendent Dr. Bridget Weiss talked about that on Action Line Thursday.

    She said there's been a sort of an informal identity  taken on called "Juneau United" which she said seems to be very well received.

    Weiss said she started discussion on the next step this week.  One of the things they're going to do she said  is pull some students together and discuss the options which would include going with Juneau Untied for this season or putting together a group to identify a new mascot name....

    Dr. Weiss added that she really wants some student voice on how they proceed on the matter.

    The original choice of Thunder Bears was ditched on a 5 to 4 vote by a student committee after a definition in an online dictionary said it was a derisive reference to native people.


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