Diocese of Juneau to appoint commission to examine files for priest abuse

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - An announcement is coming from the Catholic Diocese of Juneau next week regarding its ongoing investigation into possible abuse by priests in the diocese.

    Bishop Andrew Bellisario said on Action Line Friday that he has appointed a commission to review diocese files for that purpose.  "They'll have full and unfettered access to everything, my complete cooperation.  They're reputable people with a great deal of experience in law enforcement and in the law."

    Since he's only been here for just over a year, the bishop said the investigation will be good for him to find out what is in the files through the eyes of commission members.  The bishop added that they plan to publish the name of any abusers who are identified as the result of the inspection of the files.

    The bishop took the opportunity to again issue an apology to victims.  "We owe you a deep, deep gratitude for your coming forward and helping us..."

    The bishop hopes the commission's investigation reveals nothing, but says they want to bring any such transgression to light.


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